“It is an eternal duty to think and do good for you and the people.”

— Shri Vethathiri Maharishi

About The Store

Our search for health began when our child was getting sick frequently in the year 2009. We couldn’t find cure in the allopathic medicine and We tried some traditional health systems.


We were shocked when we learned about the traditional food, farming methods and current food politics from Nammazhvar Ayya. 
After that we got interested in naturopathy, natural farming etc and took training with Nammazhvar and some other nature farmers.
It became clear that chemical fertilizers and pesticides were affecting our land and people. While we try to give our children luxury home, car and money,  We must not neglect the duty of giving them good food. So We started this natural store in 2014.

Why Should choose us?

We sell products which are grown  in our own Nanmai nature farm and also products sourced directly from other natural farmers and agricultural cooperatives. Farmers are given always a fair price.
Maida, white sugar and other chemical preservatives are not used in any of the value added food items.